How Do I Know if My Sewer Line is Clogged?

Clogging of drains is a very common problem faced by many in their households. Clogging is when the water doesn’t drain out and pools in the sink or surface only. This can be a result of not cleaning the pipes on time and disposing sanitary and hygiene waste into the drains. Many times, the hair that we let drain also blocks the pipes. 

This can be tackled by cleaning the pipes thoroughly and regularly, but even after cleaning the pipes, the water is still draining slowly then it can mean that there is a problem in your sewer line. Clogging in your sewer line is a serious issue as it can lead to the backing up of waste water from the sewage to the surface of your house. Here is how you can know if your sewage line is clogged or not.

Sewer Line Clogged Service
Sewer Line Clogged Service

How Can You Know?

  1. Even after cleaning your pipes thoroughly if the water still drains out slowly then there is surely a clog in your sewer line, as the waste water is unable to get out.
    Problems related to the sewage lines are in most cases should be solved by the government and no resident should pay from their pocket to pay for the service that the government is liable to provide.
  2. Draining of your washing machine leads to overflow in the toilet or shower, this means that there is a clogging problem inside your drainage system. Taking only the help of a plumbing professional is recommended in situations like these.
  3. If there is a gurgling sound or if the bubbles are formed while using the drains or while you flush the toilets, it mostly means that a sewage back up is coming our way which is caused by clogging in the sewage line (considering the pipes are 100% clean)
  4. It is common for fixtures to clog at times but if multiple fixtures are getting clogged at the same time, regularly, then it can mean that there is an issue in the sewage lines. Sewage lines are about 6cm in diameter, a lot of lost stuff finally leads to the sewage clogging in your sewage passage. 

Another way to know if your sewage line is clogged is by noticing the toilet at the time of flushing. The water comes to a level up from the pot rather than getting drained. This can mean that the drainage system is working fine but that there is a problem in the sewage system. 

Knowing and Preventing Sewage Back Up

Any of these Problems shouldn’t be ignored or handled yourself but a Plumber Drummoyne expert should be hired to look into the matter and treating the situation as an emergency is what is needed. With the help of a professional fix the clogs in the sewer line by their professional expertise and experience. Hire your plumber only after great research online and offline through acquaintances only, you don’t want just anyone to take care of your drainage system. 

Look out for your drainage pipes from other damage to increase life and productivity.