How to Replace A Shower Faucet?

The shower faucet is one of the most important parts of bathroom furniture and plumbing. We all love to use the shower for bathing.

These shower faucets are generally of three types. The types are single handled, two-handled, and three handled. The single-handle faucet only has the same unit to handle both water flow and temperature.

The two-handled unit has different units for hot and cold water. The three-handled has three units- Two for hot and cold water flow and a third one for diverting the flow of water from the bathtub to the showerhead.

You can face many plumbing problems dealing with a shower faucet. You may have to replace it if it gets old and stop working or some other issues can occur too.

So, in this case of plumbing, you must be thinking that how to replace a shower faucet. In this article, you will get to know the step you need to do for doing the same.

Replace A Shower Faucet
Replace A Shower Faucet

Let’s Look Into The Steps:

  • Step 1:  –

    First of all, stop all the water supply in your house by shutting off the main valve.
  • Step 2: –

    The next step is the removal of the main part i.e. shower faucet. First, remove the faucet handle and then the showerhead. You can see how to remove it in the book because every manufactured shower has different ways. Most of them can be removed by unscrewing the parts. 
  • Step 3: –

    The next step is removing the old valve. To install or replace the old shower faucet with the new one you have to remove the old valve too. 
  • Step 4:  –

    After removing the old valve, the next step is to bring the new valve according to the bathroom setup. Then install it taking all the precautions.
  • Step 5: –

    The next step is to connect the pipes. Use the solder method to install them. It helps in fitting the pipe more strongly and easily. ‘
  • Step 6: –

    Make sure the valve is set at the right place. To install your new shower faucet, it is very important to do that. For this, you have to install a stringer. It is used to support the valve.
  • Step 7: –

    Check all the parts so that there should be no leakage point at all.
  • Step 8: –

    Install the cartridge with the valve if it is not present. Some valves come with pre-installation of cartridges and some not. If your valve already has a cartridge then you can skip this step.
  • Step 9: –

    The next step is the most important i.e. installing the shower-head. You have to screw all the nuts present in the shower arm. 
  • Step 10: –

    After installing the shower-head, the next step is to install the shower trim handle. 
  • Step 11: –

    The last step is to set the temperature. The general temperature used is 120 degrees. Be careful about the temperature you are setting.

So, these were the main steps you need to consider while installing or replacing a shower-head. The plumbing of replacing a shower head is not that hard. If you find it difficult then you can always consider hiring a plumbing service provider such as Plumbers Drummoyne for the plumbing of the same.