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’ Lifespan Gas Pipeline?
What’s The Lifespan Of A Gas Pipeline?

The average lifespan of a gas pipeline is approximately 50 years. However, factors like pipe material, soil conditions and maintenance can impact how long it lasts. Contact Drummoyne Plumbing to learn more about gas line inspections and when yours may need replacing.

’ Warranty Relined Pipes?
What’s the Warranty on Relined Pipes?

Relined pipes typically come with a 50 year product warranty, ensuring they are free from defects. Some companies also offer extended installation warranties up to 35 years. Get peace of mind by having your pipes relined by Drummoyne Plumbing.

hot water home? ’
No hot water at home? Here’s what to do

Having no hot water can be frustrating. Start by checking if the pilot light is still on and hasn’t gone out. Also inspect the gas lines and valves for any leaks or damage. If that doesn’t solve it, the best option is to call a licensed plumber to properly assess and repair the hot water system.

Turn Gas Supply
How to Turn Off Gas Supply

Unsure how to turn your gas off safely? It’s important to know how to locate your gas meter and turn the valve off perpendicular to the pipe to cut supply.

Fixing Hot Water Drain Valve Issues
Fixing Hot Water Drain Valve Issues

If your hot water system is having issues draining through the drain valve, there are a few things you can try before calling a professional. First check that the valve is fully closed and try tightening it with a wrench. You may also need to clean or replace parts of the valve if it is leaking or broken.

Common Myths Blocked Drains - Busted
Common Myths About Blocked Drains - Busted

There are many myths surrounding blocked drains. Our expert Drummoyne plumber debunks common myths like using chemicals and boiling water to clear drains. We provide effective drain unblocking and maintenance to prevent future clogs.

Choose Natural Gas Supplier NSW?
How Do I Choose A Natural Gas Supplier in NSW?

Choosing the right natural gas supplier in NSW can help you save money on your energy bills. Compare gas plans, understand contract terms, and look for competitive rates to find the best provider for your home’s needs. Our guide makes picking the ideal gas company easy.

Choosing DIY professional services emergencies
Choosing DIY or professional services in emergencies

The key to handling emergencies is knowing whether to DIY or call a professional service. DIY plumbing risks insurance issues; professionals assist urgently.

Role Gas Fitting Kitchen Renovations
The Role of Gas Fitting in Kitchen Renovations

Gas fittings involve installing, repairing and replacing gas systems and pipes when renovating your kitchen. A licensed gas fitter ensures gas appliances and pipes are altered safely during renovations. Contact our qualified team to assist with your kitchen renovation gas fitting needs.

move hot water system?
Can I move my hot water system?

Relocating a hot water system requires turning off the water and power, draining the tank, rerouting pipes and repairing walls. Our licensed plumbers can safely move your water heater so you can remodel your home. Contact us today for affordable hot water system relocation services.

plumber unblock sewer pipe?
Can a plumber unblock a sewer pipe?

A blocked sewer line needs expert attention. Only a licensed plumber has the specialised tools and know-how to fully unclog blocked drains and sewer pipes. We use advanced techniques for long-lasting solutions at affordable prices.

Plumbing Blockage Require Attention?
When Does a Plumbing Blockage Require Immediate Attention?

A blocked drain requires immediate plumbing attention if it causes sewage backups, slow drainage, gurgling sounds, foul odours or results in flooding. Get a qualified plumber onsite urgently by calling Drummoyne Plumbing on 1300 555 403 before extensive property damage occurs.

Pipe relining methods - trenchless pipe repair
Pipe relining methods - the best trenchless pipe repair

Pipe relining is a trenchless pipe repair method that involves inserting a resin-impregnated liner into damaged pipes to seal cracks and leaks. It’s faster, less disruptive and cheaper than pipe replacement. Pipe relining can extend the life of pipes by 50+ years.

Emergency Plumbing Cost 2023?
How Much Does Emergency Plumbing Cost in 2023?

Emergency plumbing costs typically range from $150-$300 for the callout fee, plus hourly rates of $100-$250. Costs depend on factors like time of day, complexity and location. Contact us for affordable 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

Cold Weather Affect Pipe Relining?
Does Cold Weather Affect Pipe Relining?

Extreme cold weather conditions can cause delays and issues with pipe relining projects. Pipes become stiffer and epoxy resins thicken in cold temperatures, requiring special preparation and handling. Proper insulation, heating and tenting of pipes is necessary for successful pipe lining outcomes in winter.

6 Tips Stop Sink Drains Blocking
6 Tips to Stop Sink Drains Blocking

Blocked sink drains are frustrating and unhygienic. Follow these 6 tips to keep water flowing freely: use strainers, don’t pour grease, flush with boiling water regularly, avoid overuse of garbage disposal, alternate baking soda and vinegar monthly, and call a plumber if totally blocked.

natural gas safe?
Is natural gas safe?

Natural gas is typically safe when correctly installed and maintained. However, gas leaks can happen, so install carbon monoxide detectors and evacuate if there is a rotten egg odor indicating a leak.

Mixing Valves & ?
What Are Mixing Valves & Do I Need One?

Mixing valves, also called tempering or thermostatic mixing valves, blend hot and cold water to provide a safe and consistent temperature to prevent scalding. They are essential in many homes and commercial settings to regulate water temperature.

Blocked Drains Reduce Home Water Pressure?
Can Blocked Drains Reduce Home Water Pressure?

Blocked drains commonly cause low water pressure by restricting flow. This buildup of pressure can burst pipes or push sewage backwards. Call a plumber to unclog drains before major damage.

hidden plumbing issues emergencies?
Do hidden plumbing issues cause emergencies?

Sometimes plumbing issues like leaks, blockages or pipe damage remain hidden, until they suddenly become emergencies. Getting a plumbing inspection annually can uncover these threats before expensive repairs or water damage occurs.

Blocked Drain Emergencies: Dos & Don'ts
Blocked Drain Emergencies: Dos & Don'ts

When facing a blocked drain emergency, it’s important to know the dos and don'ts to avoid damage or injury. Getting help from a professional plumber quickly is key. Learn what not to put down drains and signs you need emergency plumbing.

Insurance Cover Pipe Relining?
Does Insurance Cover Pipe Relining?

Home insurance generally covers plumbing damages from accidents like burst pipes. It may cover pipe relining to repair a blocked drain without excavation. Call us to check your policy and get no-dig solutions.

Health Risks Relining Pipes Drummoyne
Health Risks of Not Relining Pipes in Drummoyne

Failing to reline damaged pipes under your Drummoyne property can ultimately create health hazards like mold as well as lead to flooding and property damage. Pipe relining is the affordable, durable solution to restore your plumbing for decades without the mess and cost of replacement.

Deep Pipe Relining ?
How Deep Can Pipe Relining Go?

Pipe relining is a trenchless method that inserts a resin-coated liner into damaged pipes to repair them without digging. It lasts 50+ years with minimal disruption.

Restaurants Drains Clear
How Restaurants Keep Drains Clear

Restaurants can keep their drains clear and prevent clogs by using grease traps, sink strainers, and drain covers to stop food from going down the pipes. Regular drain cleaning and maintenance like pouring hot water, vinegar or enzyme cleaners down drains helps keep them flowing freely.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe ?
Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Actually Safe To Use?

Chemical drain cleaners may seem like an easy solution for clogged drains, but they contain highly corrosive ingredients that can damage pipes and pose safety hazards. Enzyme-based drain cleaners are a safer, eco-friendly alternative that break down buildup without harming plumbing or people.

Gas Meter Upgrade Simple
Gas Meter Upgrade Made Simple

Upgrading your gas meter doesn’t need to be complicated. Our qualified plumbers can handle the entire process for you, from getting the necessary approvals to installing your new meter. Contact Drummoyne Plumbing today for a free quote on your gas meter upgrade.

DIY Pipe Relining Call Professional Plumber?
Should You DIY Pipe Relining Or Call A Professional Plumber?

Attempting DIY pipe relining can be risky and result in more damage. Hire a licensed plumber to use advanced techniques like epoxy resin to permanently restore pipes.

Rusty Water Taps?
Rusty Water from Your Taps?

Seeing rusty water from your taps is concerning but usually harmless if flushed. Let taps run for 20 mins to clear debris. If rust persists, contact a licensed plumber immediately to inspect your pipes and water heater for corrosion.

Importance Pre & Post Relining Inspections
The Importance of Pre & Post Relining Inspections

Pre and post relining inspections are essential to assess pipe damage, ensure proper installation and maximize the lifetime of the pipe liner. Regular inspections prevent unexpected leaks or collapses.

Water Quality Impacts Hot Water Systems
How Water Quality Impacts Hot Water Systems

Water quality directly impacts the performance and longevity of residential hot water systems. Hard water with high mineral content causes scaling which reduces efficiency. Regular maintenance by a plumber can optimize performance.

permit gas fitting Australia?
Do you need a permit for gas fitting in Australia?

Gas fitting work in Australia requires qualified professionals with a licence or permit. Our experienced gas fitters can help with installing and maintaining gas appliances safely. Contact Drummoyne Plumbing today to discuss your gas fitting needs.

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